Thursday, May 19, 2011

A visit to Coron, Palawan

Another time to travel and this time to Coron, Palawan.  Our place of stay is at Divelink Beach Resort and our plane, Cebu Pacific.

April 23, 2010, first landing at Francisco S. Reyes airport, Busuanga, Palawan

Sad to say, this trip was the worsest trip I've ever had.  Why? Because I suffered from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) during our stay there, I didn't enjoy  that much. :(  And it's all because of these!

The place is beautiful but considered a remote area.  Perfect to people who wanted only a peace of mind and to relax.  They have their electricity from 6pm to 9 am daily :)

the swimming pool
in our room
After fixing ourselves, we again ride to a motorboat and climb to Mt. Tapyas, a 700+ steps mountain.....whew! Stamina test.

looks like in Hollywood :D
Is this the stairs to heaven?

see the Chapel?
Mon and I while resting....

Finally, I reached the top of Mt. Tapyas!!!
see : Mon's Angels?

Tough!  But we've succeeded.

I'll let you see and enjoy the views of Coron, Palawan....

Swimming time @ the pool inside Divelink Resort. at night after our dinner.

See those bottled water?  Its all mine, yan lang kaya kong i-take :(

Still enjoying myself even in pain :(

If you want to have a vacation here, you may visit this link Divelink Beach Resort.

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