Friday, May 6, 2011

Mount Makulot in Batangas

Instead of hibernating in our home during holiday season like this (Holy Week), I've decided to mountain climb (hiking) with my new male buddies.  It happened last March 29-31 of 2007 in Batangas, a province known for its "kapeng barako", but what attracts my taste-buds there was their "lomi", so delicious!

With Mon and Choi on the road to Makulot.

Mon and I
It's full moon.....romantic :D

Thiswas our tent and was my first time to used this one and slept on it.

This was our portable stove.  Cute, first time also to see this kind.

On our second day adventure, we climb the peak of Mt. Makulot, have some pictures there and go down.

jaime, Sarao, Choi and I
Swimming time after the climb, so relaxing!  This was Mon's treat. :D

And we spent our night and the rest of the day at our friend's brother's home

Chilled the day with home made dirty ice cream, yum!

What a very good summer experience, hope to do it again some day.

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