Thursday, May 5, 2011

Luneta Park

My Nephew's 4th birthday was on January 3 of 2009, and instead of celebrating it with childrens party in the house, we decided to have him in a tour.

Our first stop, the Luneta Park.

credits to google

Luneta Park is also known as Rizal Park (a tribute to our National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal), is located at the heart of Manila, a place called before as Bagumbayan.  It marks the spot where Rizal accussed by Spanish authorities of leading the insurrection, was executed by firing squad.

There are lots of things to do in Luneta.  In the morning, it serves as refuge to the early joggers and tai-chi practitioners and became a romantic rendezvous at night for the lovers.

It features, amphitheaters, dozens of fountains, planetariums, children's playground, skating rinks and the Chinese and Japanese gardens apart from its grassy expanse.

Philippine Map in biggie size :D
KC @ 4
 Lapu-lapu's replica
hangin sa labas :D

The Orchidarium is a small botanic garden with an entrance fee of  Php 100 and Php 60 with student card.

Chinese and Japanese gardens were developed to promote friendship and mutual understanding between Filipinos, Chinese and Japanese.  They are authentic but in miniature form.

The park is a place to play and have some picnic.

windy day :D

buy some ice cream :D
A little trivia: "Did you know that this flagpole located in front of Rizal monument is the kilometer zero?  Which means it is the starting point for all  measurements in distances in the Philippines."

Spend your weekend  at Luneta Park and enjoy its beauty, but please put some sun block, it's very hot outside.

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cheerful_0907 said...

that's really a nice idea to do, fun and great experience i am sure! we was able to have a glimpse of luneta last december when we got the chance to be back home, after our tour in intramuros area. btw, lovely pictures...:) visiting from OT, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great weekend. :)

JESSICA Cassidy said...

beautiful family :-) I have been only went once at Luneta Park :-( beautiful pictures too, definitely see some orange colors :-) Visiting from Orange Tuesday, hope that you can return an orange visit too.

rose said...

Di pa ako nakapaglakad lakad sa luneta.  Beautiful photos.

Visiting late from Orange Tuesday, hope you'd still come and see my entry.  Thanks in advance.

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