Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Day in Ilo-ilo

December 19, our third and last day of stay in Ilo-ilo.  But before going home, we had our lunch again at the Breakwater restaurant for sea foods meal and of course to dine in with our boss.

Enjoying our lunch prepared for us by Big Boss :D

I love this one, Tuna belly.  So soft and really mouth watering!

relaxing after our lunch
We don't have much time to visit Guimaras island so we took picture of the island instead.
Guimaras Island

 After our sumptuous lunch, we traveled to buy some souvenirs at the old house, antique shop. :)

trying the vintage phone
vintage car
my abaniko :D
with the house owner
We bought almost all of Lola's stuff, from the scarf to the abanikos and of course the cookies and butterscotch.  Then we proceed to Ilo-ilo airport for our departure.

airport's cafe :D
My Love
We are happy there waiting for our departure until we heard the news that our flight with Cebu Pacific is delayed. :(  Look at us, wasted!

But more importantly, we arrived home safe!  Thanks for the wonderful vacation in Ilo-ilo. :)

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