Thursday, May 19, 2011

Island Hopping in Palawan

April 24th, our second day of stay, I can't help it but cry.  I'm still in pain and this time I can't even move.   So I relax a bit and then joined our island tour.  We are to visit the preserved areas of Coron sea.  I suggest you to bring an underwater camera when touring Coron and you'll see below why you should.

paralyzed :D
Snorkeling first, I did not jump out the boat to participate :( So I will just share the pictures under the sea :)  Lovely under water views.  Love those corals and fishes!

This picture was taken at Kayangan Lake,  am I looking pale? Smiling still. :) The entrance fee is Php 200.00 before you can see the most breath-taking view up there.

The Kayangan lake is a mixture of a salt water and fresh water.

Breath-taking view right?  Worth the ride!

Hidden paradise that we've just discovered.

This is the Tagbanua's tribe, the caretaker of Kayangan lake.

We had our lunch at Banol Beach.  Tourists usually had their lunch on this beach.  This beach is a small stretch of fine white sand,  hanging limestone rocks carved by the waters and palm trees giving shade to the overexposed beach.

white sand
Group shot under the scorching heat of the sun!

can't eat :(
I'm not here :(
Our next destination is the Twin Lagoon.  It is a lagoon between two big rocks.  The water is so deep and they require me to wear vest even though I am good in swimming!  I can't even see the bottom of the water, I am afraid if there's a crocodile down there. :(

There are lots of jelly fishes in this area so be careful.

We ended our tour at Maquinit Hot Spring with 38-40 degree temperature.  Looks like a swimming pool with waters coming from the volcano(as they say), can cure or can give sudden relief to pain and to rheumatism. :)  But overexposure can lead to high blood or hypertension.

Whatta tour!  I enjoyed a little even though  I am not comfortable at all.

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Jhengpot said...

bakit? what happened to you?

travelona Shoestring said...

Same post kayo ni Francis! Na e excite tuloy ako makapunta din dyaan! Sana mapayagan na ako na makabyahe at maka swimming ulit. Pero mukhang matatagalan pa yaon. -
Travel on a shoestring

Francis Balgos said...

Coron Loop tour is really a keeper!
And I agree that Underwater Cam is a must use gadget in Coron..
You just can't miss the underwater adventure!!!

Mai_Flores said...

Naku sis, badtrip nga yan! Pero buti nakagala ka pa din, no time wasted pa din. And yung coral gardens halos magkatabi lang ng siete pecados.. malapit na din kasi yon sa port.

Gigi Celemin-Beleno said...

Our country is indeed blessed with such beauty of nature; you're as well blessed to have the opportunity to experience and enjoy it.  Super ganda talaga sa Palawan.

promking said...

ang gaganda talaga ng dive spots sa Pinas. hope to visit Palawan some day.

Jhengpot said...

hindi namin na visit yung 7 picados and coral gardens, dunno why...naku nagka UTI ako druring our trip...kainis nga :(

Mai_Flores said...

What happened to you during this trip sis? Btw, I love your underwater shots! Were you using just the camera pouch (the blue plastic case)? Coz if you were, then we've just had the same setup! hehehe.. although a little water started sipping into the case so I stopped using it. --- I've also been here, just this January. We were also able to visit Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach, and Twin Lagoon, Coral Gardens and Siete Pecados marine sanctuary on our 2nd day in Coron. But we tried the Maquinit Hotsprings on our first day pa lang, along with Mt. Tapyas. =)

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