Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I've seen the Garden of Eden in Davao

Early in the morning before having our breakfast, we picked Rambutan fruits fresh from its tree.

So sweet and fresh.

After we prepare our things and ourselves, we then travel to visit Eden Nature Park, for me, it's like Garden of Eden in the bible.  Beautifully amazing! I'm so tongue-tied.

The Nature encounter.  upon reaching Eden Nature Park, I felt the cool breeze of the air in my face.  Fresh air that I am longing for so long.

huli ka miming! :D
In order to explore the whole park, we joined the tour with other guests by riding on a shuttle service.  Wait, I'll pay first.

our tickets
While waiting for our time, we tried some rides and wander around the Park.
Indiana Jones
Child  at heart

Fishing Village

The Garden.  It's full of different kinds of plants and flowers.  So green, clean and very beautiful.  I feel like I'm in paradise.

The Tinubdan.  The ancient tribe living in Davao, their ways of living and cultures were illustrated in the displays.

This is how my hubby courted me. :)
ligawan :D

Lola's Garden.  Here you will find different kinds of spices used in cooking.

Wishing Well

Family Village is the camp site.  They allow visitors and campers/hikers to stay in this area.

The Animals.  Animals here can be seen wandering around the park.  But those domesticated only, not the wild one. :)  Examples below are the peacocks and Philippine deer.  But you can also see some horse, goat and more.

Trivia:  Did you know that a male peacock possessed the beautiful tail and not the female?  They used that in courting females.

Philippine Deer
Eden Fields, the place for horseback riding and zip line.

This was my first time to try riding on a zip-line and all I can say was "superb"!  I love it!

Wow! I will never forget this experience, super love and thumbs up!

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