Friday, May 20, 2011

The Boracay Expedition

September 4, day 2 in Boracay.  After our breakfast in the hotel we had an ATV ride as part of our activity.

contract signing, huh?
I was the first one to drive the ATV.  I love the experience.  Driving on the rough road of Boracay!

We drove our ATV to Ilig-iligan beach.

picture credit to vance

As expected, the beach is as beautiful as the white beach but less commercialized.

We enjoyed swimming at the beach, coz we were the only people in that area.

Yay, have the guts to wear bikini huh!? :P

I love this picture, I can't say any word.  Just perfect! :D

After driving, bathing and luring at the beach we had our lunch @ Paraiso Grill.  To those who love sea foods, this place is the best!

Fresh Lobster.  You'll choose what you want to be cooked.

Fresh shrimp.

Cooked shrimp, have some bite. :)

Group picture at the restaurant's veranda/terrace. :)

After our lunch at Paraiso, we headed back to the hotel and waited for the boat for snorkeling, again. :D

This is me under water :D  I wear vest coz the current was very tough!

Swimming with the fishes.

The Shangri-la Hotel from afar.

Shangrila hotel
Puka beach
Back in La Carmela, we enjoyed the swimming pool and the beach and took picture while the sun set.

At night, we had our dinner at the nearby restaurant, gosh forgot the name...but they served home style dishes.

Let's call it a day!  See you tomorrow.

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