Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crocodile Farm and Butterfly House

After having breakfast with my beloved family, we ready ourselves to one last tour in Davao before going back in Manila, the Crocodile farm and Butterfly house.

First we dropped by to my Uncle Isaias and Aunt Conching's house in Pampanga subd., near the airport.

Then to Uncle Alex' house and had our lunch there.

The Crocodile Park is located at Riverfront Corporate City.  Davao Crocodile Park is a mere 15 minute ride from Davao City’s downtown area. Entrance fee is around PhP 75.00 for an adult, and PhP 50.00 for every child.  Come in every afternoons past 3.00 PM between Friday to Sunday when they hold Animal Shows and be amazed over the animals’ ferocious skills and other amazing antics, the tightrope walker, and the chance to pet the animals.

There are lots of animals here but the main attractions are the crocodiles, of course. :)

with the snake at the entrance :D

Philippine Eagle
Pangil-the oldest Crocs there
Philippine eagle
The Butterfly House is located nearby the Crocodile Park.


I had a very great time in Davao.  I really can't forget the beauty and cleanliness of that place.  And most of all the memories meeting my family there.  I will treasure it forever.  That's the reason why it's very hard to go back home.  I promise, I'll visit you again. :)

Useful Link if you're planning to visit Davao ----->PSD Group of Companies.

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