Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Balicasag and Puntod Island Tour

On our second day in Bohol, we had our island hopping adventure to Balicasag Island for snorkeling. Love this place, they have this super clear water too perfect to see underwater creatures!

We have to ride on a boat going to the snorkeling site, exciting!
me on the boat going to snorkeling site :)
clear waters..i love it
Underwater shots, do you like it? Beautiful, right?  This underwater in Bohol is more beautiful than in Boracay.  It's more preserved.

After the snorkeling in Balicasag island we visited an island called Puntod Island, a crescent moon shaped island.  Lovely!  Not only me but the island itself :D

Group shot in Puntod Island.

After our sea exploration and island hopping, I enjoyed swimming at the resort's pool .

Pool's view at night.
This is the aerial view of the beach.

Are you having fun? Me, I had so much fun.  This outing is one of the most memorable trip we've ever had.  Unforgettable!

For more information, visit this link : Alona Kew White Beach Resort.

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fyhmd said...

Very nice. Should visit this island the next time we go to Bohol.

Gigi Celemin-Beleno said...

I need to say I envy you because you've been here,  yeah! it's really beautiful.  We are indeed blessed with great places like this one.

Francis Balgos said...

Bohol is such an amazing place to tour

whether inland or island hopping..
The province itself relies heavily on tourism.
One thing I missed when I went here is what you just posted.
Island hopping adventure, though I've been to the best sites and location for island hopping,
I'm looking forward to visiting Bohol again

Dan Levi Patacsil said...

Puntod Island is a wonderful place. I'll definitely be putting it on my bucket list of places to travel. :)
Nice pictures, by the way.

rizza licayan said...

wow! ganda! :) hope to get there too! nice pictures btw :D

Marri said...

great view of the beach!
you all seem to enjoy the trip and those photos 
just magnificent!

Jhengpot said...

naku, you must visit that island can't be compared to Boracay since this one is just a small island na para bang nasa taas ka ng bundok....ang lalim kasi nung edge nya

cherry said...

is it comparable to boracay or even better?  parang ang sarap jan. i haven't been to bohol but this province belongs to my top 3 must-visit local destinations. 

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