Thursday, May 5, 2011

Star City, enjoy the fun!

It's too early to get home after visiting Luneta Park and Manila Ocean Park so we decided to drop by at Star City in Pasay for him (KC) to experience the fun.

Star City is considered as one of the most famous and accessible theme parks in National Capital Region of the Philippines.  It features numerous thrilling activities to everyone.  For those who want to enter the park, the entrance fee is Php 60 and for those who want to try some rides and attractions inside they have to pay Php 200.  And finally, to those who want to ride all they can and visit all they want, there is a ride-all you can ticket worth Php 250.

How to get there?  It's so easy to locate the place, this theme park is just half an hour away from Manila. From there,  ride in buses and or jeepneys that are bound to Pasay City. Along the way, they will pass through Buendia where numerous jeepneys and cabs can take them to President Roxas Boulevard. Along the boulevard, people can easily find the theme park.  It's near the PICC Complex.

He enjoyed our bonding moments and our birthday presents to him.  Look at him when we got home.....:D

Sleeping soundly...shhhh! Have a goodnight sleep :)

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