Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First Time to Ride a Plane. My first Time to Boracay!

I am so excited!  This would be my first time to ride an airplane.  Our destination? The beautiful island of Boracay, yipee!

March 13 of 2009, we boarded on Cebu Pacific Air's plane going to a what they say as paradise, the Boracay island.

Since it was my first time to ride a plane, I was so nervous but at the same time excited.  I just enjoyed viewing the beautiful views out there.

This is Boracay Island's aerial view on the other side, where kayaking, para-sailing and other sports activities were done.

We booked our accommodation at La Carnela de Boracay for our 4D/3N stay.

Upon our arrival, we explore the island right away.  This one was taken at Regency's stair.

This one was taken at the white sand beach.

A pose with the surfing board. :)

With Eiffel Tower replica and friends. :)

To the famous Boracay's sand castles.

With the fire dancer.

And of course to Guilly's Island, the famous night spot in Boracay. Party time!

Cheers for the wonderful trip. :)

This is me while trying shisha....
 We met Angelica Panganiban there and have some pose with her....pretty huh!

After partying, we pictured our foot just for fun.  Hmnnn...Guess where's my foot?:D

I had so much fun and at the same time I feel so tired because we walk and walk and walked! :D

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