Thursday, February 23, 2012

Patapat Bridge and Swimming at Pagudpud

After eating at Tera Rika in Pagudpud, we then look for a place to swim. Of course, we wanted to try Pagudpud's beaches as they say it looks like Boracay, its powdery white sands and tranquil environs. On our way, we stopped by and have some pictures here in Patapat Viaduct, the famous zigzag bridge. It was first constructed to answer the landslides problem in that area and now became one of the tourist attractions in Ilocos Norte.

@ Patapat bridge
Viaducts are bridges built along coastal areas. Patapat Viaduct faces the breathtaking Pasaleng Bay. This viaduct also connects Ilocos Norte to Cagayan provinces. They say that if you were there in late afternoon 'till night, you can get radio signals from Taiwan since it is closer to Batanes and Taiwan.

Jump shot
After the picture-taking, the rain pours heavily on that area so Kuya Glen decided to go back to Pagudpud. We ended in Blue Lagoon or Maira-Ira Beach for the swim. ;) By the way we took picture of this Korean Ship.

Korean ship, wrecked
Lovers :D
the beach
Hmnnn...the shore is beautiful. The sand is powdery soft. The place is serene. Less commercialized than the Saud beach but I think they need to put an extra effort to clean those floating weeds and some plastics (or maybe because it's just raining that I'd be able to see those things). Extra effort to keep the beauty of this nature before it's too late. :)

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