Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beauty of the Best: A Hero's Story

There are lots of stories telling us how dogs became man's best friend.  Different places, different persons and different stories to tell.  It may be sad, happy, funny and even heroic. 

Yesterday I heard the news/story of heroism.  And to my surprise, the hero is not a human but its best friend, the dog and her name is Kabang.  I cried while reading this article/news.  I'm touched by her actions and even pitied her for losing her face, but proud of what she did! Full story here:
the disfigured face of Kabang with her Master
Tested by time, their faith on us humans is uncanny to the point that they are willing to sacrifice themselves.  This story of heroism will be remembered by many.

Personally, I owned a dog that I love so much and treated as my own baby.  If this accident will happen to him, gosh, I can't take it!  I don't want to see him hurt.  :( To PAWS and other NGO's and even concerned citizens who are able and willing to help her, please extend your aid to her.  All I can do is to spread the news and hope that people with good heart read this and help her. :)

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