Friday, February 17, 2012

Marcos Museum in Sarrat

From Sand dunes we travel up north to Sarrat to see the museum. The Museum is also the ancestral house of the Edralin which is former Pres. Marcos' maternal side of the family and is also the birth place of our late president Ferdinand E. Marcos. He lived here until they moved to Batac City when he was eight (8) years old.

The house is a traditional bahay na bato, a 2 storey structure with a ground floor for storage while the upper level is reserved for living quarters. It also has a well (balon) near the old kitchen. The museum is open everyday from 8:00a.m 'till 5:00 p.m.

family tree

You can find here the room and the antique bed wherein Doña Josefa gave birth to ex-president Marcos, their family tree, antique furnitures, His graduation coat, pictures and more memorabilia.

antique bed
graduation coats
During our journey, Kuya Glen showed us uniform houses that was built during Imee Marcos' wedding, Imee's previous house  is now the Municipal Hall of Sarrat and more historic events that you will know if you get there. :)

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KC Canlas said...

When I was in Ilocos, I visited the Mansion of the Marcoses. I can remember that their hardwood floor is so shiny and slippery, I tried sliding on my needs. Lol. I wasn't able to visit this museum. Well, just like their mansion, it looks historic.

Monjheng said...

Hi KC..I'll be posting my visit there too...:)Hope you'll visit back again..Thank you

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