Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Iglesia ni Cristo Grand Evangelical Mission, History in the Making!

Iglesia ni Cristo's Grand Evangelical Mission (GEM) in Metro Manila and nearby provinces will be held at Quirino Grandstand today at 5:00 in the afternoon.  According to some report, as early as 8:30 in the morning, people gathered in the area were approximately 100,000 and counting.  GEM of the Iglesia Ni Cristo will be held not only in Manila but throughout the country and will start simultaneously at 5:00 pm.

"When brethren in Christ unites, It's definitely massive!"

In this photo: brethren from different provinces conquers all to reach the venue. Different venues of GEM in the country and the traffic update :)

credit to Liezel
Luneta is the center of the Philippines and a historical landmark will witness once again one historic event.

Even through a reflection, we can see how brethren walk excitedly towards Quirino Grandstand to attend our Grand Evangelical Mission. #iglesianicristo(INC offical)
Personally, kinikilabutan ako sa nakikita kong pagkakaisa...and at the same time proud to be an Iglesia ni Cristo.  Parang if judgement day will come today, every brethren will gladly meet the Savior.

Others called it as a rally but it's not.  Some says, it's to show support to CJ Corona, and it’s untrue!  It's a pure bible exposition.  Nakakainis lang na ang iba, ginagamit ang kaisahang ito para lang mapansin sila or masabing malakas ang puwersa nila.  Wag na lang sanang lagyan ng kulay....:)

To my brethren...God will guide us in this activity for the glory of His name.

For more update in the event visit the Iglesia ni Cristo's Official fan page.

If you're in the area, I am inviting you to come and hear the words of God.

See you there!

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