Sunday, February 26, 2012

Malacañang of the North

Malacañang of the North is also known as Malacañang ti Amianan among Ilocanos. This was built during President Marcos' era. And being dubbed as his country, Ilocos Norte is home to many of his remnants and one of these is the Malacañang of the North. According to Ilocano's Marcos love to stay here rather than Malacañang Palace.

Malacañang of the North
Before entering the Malacañang, you have to pay Php 30.00 for maintaining the Malacañang. This was built in 1977 as project of Madam Imelda Marcos for her husband who's turning 60 that time. This is also one of the twenty-nine (29) houses build by Marcoses during their two(2) decades of power. From the name itself, it served as the first Family's house when they stayed in Ilocos and of their guests. You can see here their beds, furnitures, Madam Imelda's collection and more.
with Imelda's portrait
It is within a 5-hectare property and overlooks the calm water of Paoay Lake wherein guests can do some water sports during their stay.

By the lake
by the window
I love viewing this place as I reminisce the past. I can't help but adore Madam Imelda's beauty....very alluring! Maybe that's the reason Mr. Marcos love her so much. Proof is written in this picture.

 Expressing his love for Imelda
With F. E. Marcos' wax

Now managed by the Department of Tourism, entrance fees are 30 pesos and 20 pesos for adults and children . It is open from 9am-11:30am and 1pm-4:30pm daily except on Mondays.

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michi said...

i agree, i've read some marcos' love letters (badoc) to imelda and he really loves and adores imelda.

Mayumi said...

Hi Monjheng!!! Super helpful ng post mo kasi pupunta akong Ilocos this June.. etong Malacanang of the North ang isa sa mga list of places to visit ko.. thanks for the tips! =) []

Monjheng said...

Mayumi...sama mo na yung Kapurpurawan...ang ganda din dun :)saka yung waterfalls kaso medyo mahaba-haba silang lakaran :D

Gabz said...

Never been to Ilocos. I hope matuloy na kami this summer. :)

KC Canlas said...

I have seen that place and I realized how lavish their life really is. The house was so big and the view was great. It was probably a great place to stay when they used to live there.

-KC Canlas

Phoebe said...

We went here during our field trip when I was still in college. I love the view dun sa lake and yung mga puno ng mangga sa labas hitik na hitik sa bunga! nakakamiss. :)

lakwatsero said...

the Marcoses bring back both pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories.

kellytop said...

I've never been to Ilocos before pero I'm gonna make sure na pupuntahan ko yang Malacanang of the North when I got the chance to visit that proince.

AdoboTech Digital Technology said...

Marcos! a legacy that will last forever.

AdoboTech Digital Technology said...

Marcos! their legacy will last forever

Stacy Liong said...

I went there a decade ago. I'm surprised its still the same

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