Thursday, April 5, 2012

Puerto Galera for the second time

"It's been six long years since my first visit to Puerto Galera and I must admit that there are lots of differences between Galera before and today."
March 17, 2012, Saturday.
Day 1
After our church obligation, hubby and I started our long journey from Cavite to Alabang. We rode on Alps bus and traveled for almost 2 1/2 hours from Alabang to Batangas Port.  My body and mind was so tired, but I still can't deny the excitement I'm feeling inside, naks!  Since it's not my hobby to sleep while on travel, I grabbed hubby's phone and took some photos.

We reached the port at around 10:30 am and look for the next earliest trip going to White Beach.  Batangas Port is far more beautiful than before, and I'm loving it.

We found the 11:30 am trip but sad to say,  there was a delay (pati ba naman sa boat?) and we leave the port at 12nn :(  The one way trip to White Beach cost Php250/head plus environmental fees of Php50 and a Php30 for terminal fee for the total of Php330/pax.  You also have an option to avail the round trip tickets for Php450 saving you a Php100.

As I enter the port's waiting area, I looked for some thirst quencher and saw this one :) Tropical Fruits in Season, sarap!

Upon reaching White Beach, I thought I'm in Boracay (nyay).  Well, there is a very great improvement in White Beach compared to way back 2006.  Hindi na kami nakapag Island hopping kasi late na, so we went to Tamaraw Falls instead.:)

Hmnn...Hubby had a very good time bathing at the falls. :)  Me? I'm the photographer. :)  Oh by the way, in order to enter the falls area, you have to pay Php30 in the information center.  Tip:  You can enter on the other side without paying. :)  There's a secret passage behind the tamaraw. :)  Photo on the right are the souvenir stands.

After the breath-taking view and incomparable experience in the falls, we went to Tukuran to see the Tukuran hidden paradise.  It's a 30 minutes' walk from the base.  Citizens there will offer you a carabao ride for Php100/pax.  Since we love adventure, we walked with the guides.  And literally, we have crossed six (6) rivers to get there. I will include only two pictures of those rivers.

Negra:our tour guide :P
first river
second river


On the top of Tukuran, you will see these beautiful views :)  Clear water flowing from the mountain, so cold!

I can't resist the alluring view so I indulge myself and bathe.

Whew, it's worth the sacrifice. Note: Be careful when bathing in the river coz river has its own secret and also be careful to leeches (linta) and to what they call as limatik (looks like leech but came from the trees or grasses, it also sucks blood).

We forgot the time, and it's too late when we noticed that it was already dark (katakot).  We saw lots of fireflies in the trees forming beautiful view.  But that doesn't attract me, all I want is to reach the base (I am thinking of aswang, nyay.  Well, who can tell, we were just strangers there).  Thank God we reached the base safely and complete!  We gave tips to our tour guide and to those who looked after our jeep.

Speaking of the jeepney driver, super bilis nya mag drive!  Imagine a speed of 60kph or more in a zigzag road, galing magdifting!  Kabisado na bawat kurbada!

We dine in at VM Beach Resort and Restaurant at White Beach and rest at Villa Fernandez in Palanan, far from the White Beach.  We occupied three (3) rooms and we volunteer to occupy the room without aircon.

Day 2
Good morning!  :D Still have the guts to say good morning after a stressful and sleepless night!  Yes, the remote control of our aircon is not available so we can't use the aircon, well its fine coz they gave us electric fans.  But after a few hours, it smoked.  Gosh ang init!  Kaya pinag agawan na lang namin yung 1 fan na hindi umiikot :(  But to be fair to them, they have a very good service. :)  After our breakfast, we went up stairs as in super high stairs to reach the swimming pool (always a hiking).

stairs to the swimming pool

Upon reaching the top, wow, breathe taking!  Picture taking again!


We stayed at the resort for a very short time and packed our bag after lunch.

I suggest for you to look for the Golden Falcon..super fast craft.!

In totality, we enjoyed our short time vacation kahit na medyo may hassle. :)

Villa Fernandez Resort
Palangan, Puerto Galera
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Mobile Number: +639 1666 36362 / +639 3915 56367
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Marri said...

one of the many engaging destinations in the country.
you have a bunch of good photos here highlighting the cherished memories of your trip.

Jhengpot said...

Thank you! I suggest you visit that falls! :)

Janette Toral said...

Just realized that the last time I was in Puerto Galera was in 1997. I should give it a visit soon. Great to know that the place has even improved further.

Francis Balgos said...

looking at the pictures..
I think I toured from Manila, Batangas Pier to Tamaraw Falls in Mindoro
I have been to Puerto Galera many times but never went to Tamaraw Falls.
Im sure to keep tab with this

Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

wow!! all the photos looks so good!! i love seeing waterfalls as well! u both are too sweet dear!! xx

Lenixe said...

Hello. May I ask how do you get from white beach to Villa Fernandez? Or can we opted to go straight from the Batangas port going to Villa Fernandez? Thanks.

Mon♥Jheng said...

Sorry for the very late reply...You can go straight from Batangas to villa fernandez via sabang port

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