Friday, November 25, 2011

Trip to Koronadal City, South Cotabato

Just wanna share my hubby's trip to Koronadal City this November for some technical matters.  You can get there from Manila via plane or boat.

My hubby took Cebu Pacific plane and landed at General Santos City Airport, one of the country's largest airport.

From there, a van fetched him and drove him to Koronadal City.

The word korona (crown) exactly fits the name of a city which came to be known as Koronadal. This city is a sprawling community at the foothills of the surroundings Roxas and Quezon mountain ranges that gives a perfect illusion of a crown jewel set at the bed of a landlocked crater.

Town Proper (crown)
The Koronadal City also known as Marbel is the capital of South Cotabato a center of commerce trade industry, government administration, transportation, communication and education.. It is in the southwestern part of Mindanao, the country's second largest island. It occupies the southwestern part of South Cotabato.

Koronadal is a typhoon-free city. April to July are hot and dry while rains abound from August to October, November to March are pleasant cool and dry.  The most common widely language and dialect spoken is Hiligaynon. But Cebuano and Ilocano also compose the conversation of people in the city. Other dialects like Maguindanao, Maranao and B'laan  are also significant. Tagalog and English are officially used for business correspondonce and transactions

He visited The Farm @ Carpenter Hill and have his souvenir shots. :)

The Farm is actually a Garden Resort and Restaurant, rated "AA" by the Department of Tourism".  They cater almost everything.  From accommodation, coffee shops, restaurants and event hosting, name it and they have it.

For inquiries, feel free to contact them

The Farm @ Carpenter Hill
Brgy. Carpenter Hill, City of Koronadal
South Cotabato, Philippines

Tel. # (083) 228 - 1888 Fax # 228 - 9010

or visit their website here: The Farm

He also visited a place just at the back of the city hall, wherein they can practice motocross.

For Pasalubong...look here: Trappistine

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wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful city, never been to Cotabato :-) thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the favor too.

purethoughts said...

i have never been to this beautiful city yet. I should visit it one day

Visiting late from

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Great share, sis! Very informative about the city of Koronadal! :)

Very late TT visit! I hope you don't mind! :)

Vegas, by Night!

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