Friday, November 25, 2011

T'nalak Festival

Talking about South Cotabato, I will tell you about their colorful Festival, the T'nalak.

Although Mindanao is often associated with violence, kidnapping, bandit groups and crimes, it is also a home to a very diverse group of people valuing peace and harmony.  It is also one of Asia's most favored tourist destination because of its white sands, beaches and more.

People here celebrated their grandest festival, the T'nalak, which coincide with the province Foundation Anniversary celebrated every mid of July.   T'nalak is a unique yet colourful way of weaving the abaca cloth by the T'boli tribal communities in South Cotabato, has gone beyond mere cloth weaving or art itself. Residents of this resource-rich province have taken pride of the T'nalak as being a reflection of South Cotabato's varying regional and ethnic cultures.

This symbol of woven dreams is a fundamental part of South Cotabato culture, a culture steeped in mystique. The T’nalak Festival is an annual celebration that commemorates the Foundation Anniversary of the dynamic South Cotabato province amidst the dual presence of tradition and progress.

It is a showcase of T'boli culture through the display of their tribal arts and crafts and ethnic, a street dancing parade, trade fair and sports events. Usually, the celebration kicks off with the Dayana Civic Parade highlighted by a float and cheer dance competition. It closes with the T'nalak Parade or Madal Bel'. Dancers from around the province, dressed in native costumes of B'laan, T'boli and other tribal groups in Mindanao, perform on the streets of the city.

Happy fiesta!

**photos credit to respective owner.

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