Friday, November 18, 2011

Babae sa Septic Tank: Special Screening for Oscars

This is not yet my review about the movie(Babae sa Septik Tank), just a glimpse of what we did there and what happened during the event.

November 7, hubby and I arrived at Trinoma Mall at around 6:00 pm.  The staffs or let’s say the organizers of the event prepared something for the bloggers before seeing the movie….lots of foods!

me..enjoying the foods

Loving the foods catered by Sanghaya Catering Services.  They cater for all occasions, if you like their services ..just see the picture for their contact :D

Bloggers enjoying the foods, Chatting to their friends etc.

Behind me are the producer and directors being interviewed.

Babae sa Septic tank premiers at Trinoma Cinema 4.

Hubby and I inside the Cinema.  Souvenir shot while they're giving us an introduction about the movie.

The directors (Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez) and producers (Atty. Josebeth Alonso and John Victor Tence) of Babae sa Septic tank.

Ooooops..that's me with fellow blogger Stepahnie Mayo along with the producer and Directors. :P
Feeling ta-artist na din ! :P

sis step, me and hubby

 Finally meet sis Steph. and her sis Jessica na addict sa HP :)

After the event, hubby and I wander around Trinoma and got a chance to have pic on Twilight's billboard Ads. :) on my watch list!

Puss in Boots....hindi ko pa ito napapanood! :D

Yummy Mrs. Fields' Cookies!

Really enjoyed the ko ulit ang fellow bloggers ko, free movie and a date with hubby.  Relaxing!

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Wena said...

wow! looks like you and mon enjoyed the movie!

ramon said...

we enjoy the movie and the food.hehehe

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