Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hayden's Fragrances

Have you heard about Hayden's perfume?  Have you tried it? If not, I think it's about time for you try using this brand. :)

Hayden is a collection of extraordinary fragrances created in collaboration with top perfumers in Paris, formulated to last longer in warmer climates.  With its unique scent and elegant packaging, each fragrance is an exceptional way to make your own personal statement, as well as perfect pleasure to  give to your loved one as gift.

There are lots of fragrances to choose from: the collections, purse sprays and body sprays and in different sizes too.

For Her, Charming Orchid & Violet, Cherry blossoms & Vanilla Pod, Pink Pepper & Cashmere, Green Tea & Peony, Blushing Berry & Lotus and Luscious Lily & Apple.

For Him, Bergamot & Calone, Ocean Breeze & Sandalwood, Spice Musk & Grapefruit, Wild Woods & Mandarin, Lemon & Nutmeg and Black Leather & Orris

And Dr. Hayden's favorite, Amber Woods & Rose Petals.

 I choose Luscious Lily & Apple and for my hubby is Bergamot & Calone.
for him and for her
my new perfume buddy :D
Price ranges from as low as Php 130 to 400 in 50ml, 60ml and 100ml.

Oh, by the way..its scent last for up to 8 hours. :)  So you don't need to spray it again and again :)

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Ashley Madison said...

kaparehas puba ito ng Hayden Basics 2 Esquire Body Spray? may nakita po kasi ako sa and I'm wondering kung mag ka parehas sila. Salamat po!

Mon♥Jheng said...

I think they're of the same brand. Just that the esquire body spray is their latest collection. :)

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