Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Dog Vomits, is he sick?

When we got home last night, I saw my dog's vomit on the floor, it is foamy white in color.  I panicked, though that was not the first time my dog vomits but because I noticed him really unwell.  Unlike his previous vomits, he's still playful and alert.  But last night, his ears dropped and according to his nanny (naks) he did not eat his dinner.  One more thing that is strange to him, he did not welcome us home :(

This morning, I asked them what did he ate yesterday and what he did (he's so playful and kulit).  My grandmother told me that he gave my dog a little portion of cassava cake, then  afterwards he vomited.  And I found out that cassava is one of the many harmful foods for doggie. :((
Cassava contains cyanide and unless processed in some way, it can kill. There are two types, sweet and bitter, with the bitter having more cyanide, but many farmers prefer it because pests don't eat it - or die if they do. Even simply soaking cassava for a few hours will help as it also contains an enzyme called limnarase that liberates the cyanide over time. One pound of bitter, unproccessed cassava will kill a cow and has killed humans in the past.Read more at here.
Is it really the reason why he vomits or just a coincidence?  I must see his vet if he's still unwell today.  Hoping that he's feeling better now. 

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