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Campus Paper:Philippines’ First Free News Magazine by Students, for Students

As a previous student, I too experienced writing in Campus Paper of our school.  The experience was fun and interesting because you can write your criticisms, suggestions and you can encourage your fellow students for an event participation and more.

Student writers may be undervalued and unappreciated but can be a powerful force in helping our nation to move forward.
Ricky Alegre (UPMG President & AdBoard Chairman)
That is the main premise behind Campus Paper, the country’s first free national student paper. The pioneering publication was launched at the iAcademy, PhilFirst Bldg. in Makati City.

Campus Paper is the “first” news magazine, where writers, models, stylists, make-up artists and layout artists are all students. Distributed for FREE semimonthly (twice a month) to select high schools, colleges and universities in Metro Manila, it is—so far—the only media organization, where students from different universities can come together under a common student paper.

Youth Writer Sary Valenzoela 
It was borne from the idea of giving students from different schools a common platform, where they can share their thoughts, tell their stories, and express themselves responsibly. “I believe it's about time that we pay attention to what students can contribute to the society,” says Lloyd Luna who is also Campus Paper’s Publisher and Executive Editor. “Giving them access—through Campus Paper—to the happenings in other schools would give them a broader appreciation of student life,” he adds.

Luna, who has already published six motivational books, believes that while the student sector is “undervalued and often underappreciated, it can be a powerful force in helping our nation to move forward.”

“Given enough inspiration, stories, and information through Campus Paper, I feel we can start something remarkable,” Luna says. “Perhaps this is what students have been waiting for, a platform where they can make a difference. Perhaps then, people would look at students differently and start putting value on them,” he adds.

The news magazine features student editorial, campus and student sports events, as well as trends on fashion, food, gadgets, literature, and entertainment, all written and contributed by students and members of the academe.
David Abrenilla (Executive Communications Group President)
Executive Communications Group President, David Abrenilla says that during his time in Germany at RTL Group, Europe’s largest mass media company the content development created by the youth for the youth was very encouraged. With the fast growing digital media and strong social networking market in the Philippines, which mostly used by young people, content shall be fresh and youth oriented, just like in Campus Paper.

For student-contributor Elaine Joyce Catindig, a free student paper for all means free information. “I feel privileged to be part of this because this kind of newspaper gives students a “sense of connection” to other schools. It's like the Internet, it makes the world a smaller place,” says the News Editor of The New Builder, the official student publication of Mapúa Institute of Technology.

Monique Anne Tiongco adds that having a free student paper—aside from the one being published in one’s school—is really new. “This will update students from other universities about events outside,” explains that current Managing Editor of The Dawn, the official student publication of the University of the East.

Other student-contributors come from University of the Philippines-Diliman, University of Santo Tomas, De La Salle University, and Adamson University.

Through Campus Paper, Luna hopes that the youth will be more empowered so they can do what's expected of them. “We'd like our paper to be there, should students need us,” he ends. 

For more information on Campus Paper, visit its online edition at www.campuspaper.net

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