Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HYUNDAI RUN FOR A CAUSE 2: Free Run Experience this 2012!

Mon and I together with family and friends were among the 26,000 who were able to register for the Hyundai Run for a Cause 2, thanks to my friend Jim. The registration was quick and easy because it was done online.  As I remember, it only lasted for an hour the day we registered and was closed due to overwhelming response of the registrants. All you have to do is to provide your information, the race category and choose your cause.  Each cause was represented by a singlet color. I chose community development which in orange because I believe that if a community is well develop, every person living there will be benefited.  Hubby chose gray which is social entrepreneurship.

my singlet
hubby's singlet
It was our first time to run at the Quirino Grand Stand area and this actually is just my second time to run.  For the warm up, we just walked from the Luneta to the venue.

There were a lot of tents set up from the Baggage counter to the Sponsors. Even though it's a FREE run, it was complete even with portalets, yes you heard it right, they have portalets!

Brothers Phil and James Younghusband were there to represent Youth Development through Sports. There were also cheer leading performances performed by various Universities to entertain the crowd, actually they flash mob. :) -->

The run was segregated in batches. Each batch was signified by a sign. And we belong to batch E, the fifth batch to run.

The road was closed just for the run. It was amazing to see a lot of people take up the entire road space.  There were a lot of runners and walkers as well. I found it difficult to run consistently because my sister in law was walking, it's her first time to run.

There were adequate water stations giving bottled water.  There were adequate signs, ushers and first aid station too, to assist the runners' needs. Litters were quickly gathered by garbage collectors so there were no litters in this run.

After everyone has reached the finish line, we were surprised by a shower of confetti.

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