Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pets: Vitality Value Meal for my Buknoy

I want to extend my gratitude to Vitality Value Meals for giving my dog Buknoy a month supply of dog food. I'll admit it, my dog is really not a fan of dog food but when this one was delivered in the house, he was excited to eat some. And my sister told me that he had finished a bowl that instant! Kinda excited,huh! Maybe because of the lamb!

Value Meal is a perfect dog food choice as it contains 21% protein.  Its main ingredient is pure lamb and beef.  Lamb is less likely to cause allergies to doggies unlike chicken.  Moreover, Value Meal contains whole grains for better digestion; and omega-6 that helps produce shiny coat.

Your pet will produce firm and more stools that do not smell that bad.  This is because of the right level of protein intake- as excessive protein and other undigested food nutrients cause smelly poops; and also the fiber from the whole grains.

After a month of observation, I can say that my dog still thinks that he is also a human being.  It's very hard for us to feed him pure dog food. :(  We have to fake him that we're also eating that food for him to eat some.  As a result, his dog food is still not reaching its half :(  So picky!  Well, maybe it's just my dog who loves vegetables and fruits as his food rather than a dog food. :D

Value Meal is only available at selected stores or let's say professional channels like vets, pet shops and selected agri-pet supplies at a very affordable price. :)

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Kilo said...

san po available ito? wala akong mahanap sa area namin and want to try it with my pug

Jhengpot said...

hey, from where are you?

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