Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel: Tagaytay 2012 with Family

I don't know where to spend our long weekend last April (Holy Week) so we just stayed at home.  But my nephew keeps on bugging me to go somewhere so we decided to visit Tagaytay once again.  Actually, that was my mother's first out of town experience, whoah!

My nephews fall asleep on our way to Tagaytay.  They're so cute!!!   I can't help myself so I took them that picture.

There were lots of people in the picnic groove and we can't find a vacant table for us to eat.  So we decided to sit under the coconut tree and place some mattress, picnic time!


After our meal, the boys were the first to explore the place. There were lots of activities that can be done in picnic groove aside from sight-seeing like zip lining, having pictures with the animals and horse-back riding.

KC with the reptiles

horse-back riding
Kyle and Mon: Kyle was tough!
I can't describe the experience.  All I know was we all enjoyed that day especially my mother and the kids.  To describe the experience, please see our pictures below :

Klyde: bachoy!




My Family on our way home
I promise we'll do it again some other time.

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