Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gumbo: A Taste of New Orleans' Experience

Before watching Battleship with my co-workers last April 13, 2012, we first dined in at GUMBO: A Taste of New Orleans for a change.  Gumbo is Burgoo's sister company.

The word Gumbo is derived from African word for okra, a pod like vegetable introduced by African slaves and often used to thicken the stew. It has an incomparably rich flavor and texture and derives from the cooking of French, Spanish, Indian, and African residents of the area. Gumbo has been called the greatest contribution of Louisiana Kitchens to American cuisine.

Upon entering the place, you'll notice the server's head dress that was really awesome-looking or let's say unique. :)

I'll tour you first in their store before giving you the verdict on their foods.  Below are the pictures inside their store, very tidy and neat, huh!


Here's the copy of their menu book in case I forgot the prices of the foods we ate.

Most of us ordered Grilled Pork Chops. Tender pork chops marinated with special seasoning and spices and grilled to perfection.  They're serving petite for Php 395 and Grande for Php 495.

Spaghetti Carbonara and Mozzarella Sticks.
Spaghetti pasta tossed in cream sauce with bacon, 
Parmesan and special herbs.  Grande Php 525.00
Mozzarella cheese, coated with their special breading, deep-fried 'till golden brown.  Served with pomodoro sauce.  Petite Php 295.00
Hamburger and Barbequed Shrimp.
Pure Angus beef patty with onions, tomatoes,
Romaine lettuce and mayonnaise.  Php 295.00
Fresh black tiger prawns, seasoned with cayenne,
black pepper, chili and special herbs and spices,
cooked with  special Creole Sauce.  Petite Php 395.00

And for dessert we ordered Chocolate Mousse worth Php 145.00

I don't like the grilled pork chops served to me coz it was not well cooked (minadali?).  Maybe because of  the many orders we had.  So I ate more spaghetti carbonara and fries. :D

Gumbo: A Taste of New Orleans
SM Megamall Atrium, Julia Vargas,Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 635-9571
Type of Cuisine: New Orleanian

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I am R0ckstarm0mma! said...

wow! I wanna try! I wanna have a taste of New Orleans too! I'm drooling for that mozarella cheese! haha Just 'cause I'm cheesy like that lol

Sumi Go said...

It's been a while since I've eaten at Gumbo.. The last time was when I used some vouchers for Gumbo's grilled Angus ribeye steak. Next time I visit the resto, I'll also order some grilled pork chop and mozzarella sticks! :D

Barbie said...

Sorry to hear the chops were bad, but it looks like you still had a good time. :)

Barbie said...

Sorry to hear the pork chops weren't the best. It looks like everything else was good, though. :) You've inspired me to check out the resto next time I'm in the area.

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