Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot spring @ Pansol, Laguna

We went to Garcia's private resort in Pansol, Laguna last April for our family bonding (husband's side).  We also celebrated the birthday of the two kids and the graduation of the two high school.  Three birds in one shot, huh!

Would you believe that this jeep carried us all? :D

And also this was KC's first ever swimming experience, that's why he's so excited to jump in the pool and practice his strokes :D

Unsatisfied with the kid's pool, Kc tried the 6 feet pool but he's wearing a life vest. :)

My sister in laws and cousins having fun in the warm water in the pool.

Candle blowing by the birthday celebrants.

 My in-laws enjoying the hot water, sweet huh!

Hubby and I enjoying the warm water of Laguna.

Although there are lots of hindrances before getting there, in the end, we still enjoy the outing.  Bonding time is our quality time together. :)

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