Sunday, June 5, 2011

Camayan Beach Resort

For the summer of May 13, 2011, we visited Camayan Beach Resort, Subic.

Our coaster service was too large for us...:)

My hubby and me on a pictorial as we arrived on the venue :D

Our version of My Lover, my being the lover :D

The views inside Camayan are so green and beautiful.  I wonder if they cater for weddings and debuts

The's clean but with something in it that stinging us...jelly fish or sea weeds?

School of fish, they say that it is their sanctuary.

The Reef, a place to eat, the restaurant.

In the afternoon, lot of monkeys played outside our rooms.  Some, even snatching our foods :)

Dinner time @ The Reef

After our dinner we watched the Fire Dancers' show.  Entertaining!

Visit this link for more information about the resort Camayan Beach Resort.

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Budget Biyahera said...

Hello sis! Your blog photos are by far, the most convincing for me. I've actually checked out other Camayan photos online. But yours just seems to be more inviting. =) So I'm giving Camayan another chance, and maybe visit it sometime in the future. =)

Francis Balgos said...

The place looks great!

Ive never tried any resorts in Subic, except for hotels but not in beaches..I'd say with the beauty of the location! its all worth it!

Mrs. Kolca said...

We dropped by Camayan during our visit to Subic in 2010. We were supposed to check in but changed our minds when we saw how small the place and how crowded it was that day. Sayang, sa city hotel tuloy ang napuntahan namen instead of a beach hotel. Biglaan kasi ang yayaan na mag-road trip eh! LOL.

Visiting from PB po ")

Joana Cinco said...

I've been to some beaches in Subic area, and I have to say, Camayan's sand looks great compare to the ones I saw! The place looks calm too!

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

Lovely Resort. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan someday.

Jhengpot said...

We've spent 114,000 for a group of 21pax...3d/2n accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually the rate per person vary depending on rooms. For quadruple sharig 4,600k/pax, quintuple 4,200/pax and so on :)

Jenny Iguis said...

Hi ma'am, would it be alright if I ask how much did you spend on this trip? thanks! ~ Jek

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