Monday, October 1, 2012

On "Full Blast" with Berocca

I know nothing about Berocca until last Friday when Ms.Jen introduced it to me. With a very brief discussion, I understand the essentials of Berocca to my health and what it can do to  my everyday life.

Though it helps me cure my colds last weekend, still, it's a misconception that we should  take Berocca only when we got colds.  Actually Berocca is good for everyday consumption because it is a supplemental vitamins that helps to keep our body more active and alert.  Berocca is clinically proven combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc, that works together to improve brain and nerve performance. 

I'm so happy when I got invited to "Berocca Night on Full Blast" with hubby happening this October 3 at Resorts World with an after party at Republiq!

Aside from guests celebs like Iya Villania, Drew Arellano, Ramon Bautista, Marc Nelson and Bianca Gonzales, Berocca will be giving away and raffling a lot of great prizes, wow!

Berocca tube costs P150/10 effervescent tablet or P330/2 tubes.  Taking Berocca every day will surely help you on Full Blast!  Manufactured by Bayer.

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See you at the party!

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