Friday, October 5, 2012

Berocca's Party Experience on Full Blast with Celebrities

Berocca's party on Full Blast last October 3 at Maxim's Hotel was a huge success!  Aside from delicious foods served to us and celebrities rubbing elbows with me (ahem), lots of gift packs and surprises were given away.  That party is one of a kind experience I will treasure in my heart.

Though the rain didn't stop that night as if it wanted to join the party, still, we all enjoyed the night dozed off with Berocca.

my plate full of foods
the pool of prizes :D
Celebs on my back :)
I also meet and greet fellow bloggers like Mommy Lariza, Sire, Leira, Carlo, Arvin, Stephanie, Stanley and a lot more.
Arvin, Stephanie, Me and Stanley (Suplado ako)
And photo opt with the celebs. :) Paulo Paraiso, Aubrey Miles, Bubbles Paraiso, Kiko Rustia, JC Tiuseco, Daniel Matsunaga, Lauren Uy, Boyz Night Out, Victor Basa, Divine Lee and more . :D

Paulo, Aubrey and ?

Kiko, Me and JC
Zam YG: Boys Night Out
Daniel Matsunaga-love his scent :D
Bubbles Paraiso
Aubrey Miles
Forgot the name of this sexy lady :(
The most exciting part of the night was when the organizers and sexy promodizers spread the canisters of Berocca's in the swimming pool with surprise prizes inside.  Many won a Berocca gift packs, GC for hotel accommodation at Resorts World, ipod shuffle, iphone 5, ipad and ipod touch.  Luckily my hubby was ready to swim and grab lots of canisters.....and so we have a new baby. :)

There was an after party at Republiq and there we met new friends like Leio and Ian, winners of Berocca contests online. :)

me and hubby
hubby with Divine Lee
Super thanks to Ms. Jen Rockwell and Mr. Max Arroyo for the invite..'till next event. :)

Arvin, Mon, Me, Max and Jen
We left Republiq at around 1:30 am still full of energy.  Thanks to Berocca!

For those who doesn't know about Berocca, it is a multivitamin drink that is designed specifically for people with busy lifestyles. Berocca Performance combats physical tiredness and improves performance.Berocca Performance has a unique combination of high doses of water soluble vitamins: Vitamin B Complex + Vitamin C + Essential Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc).

It comes in the form of effervescent tablets; simply drop one into a cold glass of water, watch it fizz, and have a refreshing orange drink. Taking one on a daily basis is just like taking a bottle of soda, but unlike an unhealthy, sugar laced, hyper-acidity causing soda, a Berocca daily is a very healthy habit. It enables you to perform on full blast, and strengthens the immune system.  It’s available in drugstores and selected supermarkets nationwide.  So for those who doesn't want to take vitamins thru tablet or capsule here is Berocca for you.

Manufactured by Bayer. :)

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