Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adidas Body Care Redefines Men's Grooming- Developed with Athletes

Men today are very conscious and vain with regard to their looks and smell. Like women, they also invest to their beauty regimen like perfume, soap, facial wash, shampoo, lotion and deodorant.  Good thing that Adidas has these body care products that redefines men's grooming.

Adidas' men grooming line is stronger than ever in coaching athletic men in their everyday beauty training.  With a line that is consistent, innovative and effective men now have the complete  grooming equipment to help them tackle every day.  Just like every athlete needs the perfect coach, every active man  needs his  perfect fragrance and personal care line to start his day.

Adidas products are developed with and for athletes which make the brand unique in the market and will be prominently signalized with the mention "Developed with Athletes" on all the redesigned  packaging.  Some products feature patented technologies for a superior performance, a great benefit for active athletic men who depend on performance both on and off the field.

The new Adidas packaging is as invigorating and innovative as the grooming products inside, modern and masculine.

Eau de Toilette- The adidas Eau de Toilette and Aftershave, feature X-design bottles that link visually to the brand’s high-performance TECHFIT® apparel technology, further strengthening brand continuity.

Body Spray- is packed in a premium aluminum can, with a unique cap-free actuator that is more convenient to use—there’s no need to remove a cap to apply. Printed dots on the can suggest the advanced technology of the adidas grooming range, while white text reinforces the idea of personal care.

Shower Gel packages are ergonomically designed to better fit the hand and feature raised dots for a comfortable, easier grip in the shower. Thanks to the new translucent plastic packs and vivid and striking colours, packs are now more impactful and evoke greater sensations.

The new packaging also has a greater focus on the specific technologies and benefits of each product in the grooming line, further differentiating them from competitors.

Fusion Line- is a high tech performance products designed to fit men even with very active lifestyles.  It has the following:
  • Fresh power- New 24 hour fresh power technology  for a stronger fragrance boost when applied and a longer-lasting feeling of up to 24 hours.
  • Cool Tech- Body sprays generate  an extra cooling sensation reactivated throughout your day each time your body needs it.
  • Fragrance booster- Active fragrance for an active lifestyle.  High fragrance performance, longer lasting scents that fit your active lifestyle.
  • Pro Energy- Shower Gels give you a boost of freshness under  the shower for a cool and energizing experience.
  • Developed with athletes- these products were developed by studying the athletes.  Thus, Adidas fits everyone even those with active lifestyle. 


Available in :
  • EDT 50mL @ P399.75
  • Shower Gel 250 mL @ P169.75
  • Deo-Body Spray 150 mL @ P179.75
  • Roll on 50 mL @ P79.75
These products are available in all leading department stores, supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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