Monday, October 29, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I can say that I once possessed a body that every man dreamed of (confidence! :p).  That whenever I stepped out of the house, all eyes are on me.  But that was before I got married! :D

I admit that nowadays, after the miscarriage, it's very hard for me to recover the beautiful body I once possessed.  I gained pounds and baby-tummy always show whenever I wear skirt, jeans and other clothing  that made me more self-conscious  :(  .  Good thing that there's Wacoal that believes that every woman is made beautiful at any age.

Wacoal, a Japanese brand for intimate apparel for women, not only provides us top quality products that suit women's needs but also conducts research that helps women to fully express and understands natural beauty of women comfortably at any stage of our life.

For that, I choose this product to hide my baby-tummy and to regain my confidence :D

This one is a corset from Wacoal.  It helps trim the waist and push the tummy in. The girdle helps lift the hips and also push the tummy in. The prices are Php 1,450 and Php 695 respectively.  I think that Wacoal offers free delivery for a minimum purchase of Php 1,000, that's awesome!

To get more information about Wacoal's products, please visit their collections.

"Be Body Beautiful At Any Age", and that "Wacoal believes that every woman is made beautiful. They understand women's bodies vary, and that every woman's body changes as she ages. As she matures, a woman should exude     that charm, boldness and confidence by wearing intimate apparel that truly provide comfort, support and a perfect fit. In complementing a woman's physical transformation, Wacoal offers products anchored on exceptional quality and style innovation, making sure that every woman looks her best at any age."

I agree with this statement, that every woman has different body type and shape and changes over time.  Thanks Wacoal for providing us women the products that suite our body type as we age.

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