Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whale Shark (Butanding) Festival

I once dreamed of swimming with this mammoth in the waters of Donsol, Sorsogon and still dreaming of it until it happens! :D

The festival is held annually during the summers of April 28-30 to give due respect to their patron animal the "butanding" and a thanksgiving for all the blessings it brings to the people of Donsol.

A long fluvial procession just at the mouth of the long and winding Donsol River where a large pod of  Butandings usually converge at this time of the year, is the highlights the Festival.

The festival is highlighted by a street parade.

Wish to be here next year :D

Photo credits to google :)

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MC said...

Wow! I'm scared of big animals like Butanding.. And I just heard about it. Thanks :)

Visiting from TT.
Karawasan Festival 2011

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Wow! Very interesting post! So madami ba talagang butanding sa Sorsogon?

Late TT visit! My entry is a BEACH DANCING FEST which I accidentally witnessed! Hope you can check it out! :)

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