Thursday, October 13, 2011

A!Life: Back to life.

Last week, I was surprised by an email coming from Ms. Joanna (the page admin of A!Life), saying that I am one of the lucky winner of A!Life food supplement.  The product is new to me but I've seen the commercial on TV with Ms.Lucy Torres-Gomez along with other Ambassadors. For that week, I am the A!Life posture winner.  Given to me were 2 boxes of A!Life posture.

My picture with the other winners :D

Weekly winners
For a week, I've tried using this supplement and I must say that it's working for me.  Next time I will try A!Life Control (hope Ms. Joanna select me again as winner :D) I need that on my diet coz I'm trying to be sexy but no time for exercise! lols!

These are the different A!Life food supplements that suites your body needs and their ambassadors.

A!Life Posture
It helps build bone density for stronger bones and better posture. A!life Posture is for active confident women.

A!Life Control
 It helps block carbohydrate absorption to help control blood sugar level and weight.

A!Life Energy
 It gives you the extra energy for optimum physical performance.

A!Life Restore
 It restores moisture from within to help you erase the signs of skin aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

A!Life Protect
It helps defend the body from free radicals, ensuring health that radiates through fairer skin.

You too can win prizes.  Like them on facebook: A!Life and join their survey here : A!Life Survey.

Good luck and see you there!

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