Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Function in Boracay Island for 2012

May 2012-NAIA 3,  While waiting for the others to come for our vacation trip in Boracay, we decided to have our breakfast in the airport at Andiamo.

This restaurant serves an American style meals to their customer like pasta, pizza and sandwiches.  Wifi is also available for their customers so you can update your friends in facebook. :)

That time instead of boarding in Caticlan, we boarded in Kalibo International Airport and a coaster/mini bus from the hotel picked us.

Wow!The port in Caticlan was renovated! More tourist friendly unlike before.

Since they've improved the port, the terminal and environmental fee also increased; Php 75.00 and Php 100.00, respectively.  They also have boarding pass.  It's more like an mrt card that you need to swipe in order to get in.

It was a very fine sunny day.  Perfect for our plan to go and wander around the island. (If you plan in going there, don't ever forget to bring your sunblock, or else you might have sunburn).

Island hopping won't be complete without snorkeling....but sad to say, corals in that area were all gone.  And fishes were just few...Where did they go? :(

After snorkeling, we visited the Crystal Cove for more adventure and fun, Family picture first. :)

My office mates made fun of the carabaos, Kame hame wave! :D

Along our way to Cave 3, we passed by with these coconuts....refreshing!

Hmnnn...beat the summer heat with coconut juice. :D

Below are our pictures in Cave 3.  This time, we made it through the other side.

My extreme stunt!  I jumped off the cliff....the best experience ever..  I want more!

I love summer function and I love being in Boracay....

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