Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spending the Night at Cattleya Resort, Antipolo

"Good friends are really hard to find."  That is why when my long lost friend/colleague invited me for an outing con reunion, I don't hesitate to say "yes!"(lols, Sounds like, Will you marry me?).

My Barkada: Lheng, Tony and Dulce are missing :D
It's been ten (10) years since I've mingled with them (what, that long?), and I really miss the gang so much!  Then I reminisced the days when we were together in college.  The laughters, the tears, the gimmicks, studying together before the exam and the cutting classes we did were all precious!

June 30 finally came.  After attending the first birthday of Rhei's daughter, we went straight to Cattleya Resort in Antipolo City.  That was a very stormy night, uh-oh!  But the bad weather was not a hindrance for us to see each the rest is history! :P

We occupied the Maricor Pool courtesy of Lhex and Shalds' generosity! :D  Chikahan to the max as we laid our eyes on each other.  My hubby and Shyla's became friends too.  In fact "sila na daw" (bf/gf).

It was a cold night, and the ones who enjoyed the swimming pool were the kids.  I dunno if they have a body heater :P  It was early morn when they left the pool.

Since we can't enjoy swimming, we focused on singing, chatting and eating until we got tired. Actually, it was our version of Kuya Germs' "Walang Tulugan".  Here are the proofs.




We don't want to leave the pool untouched, so my Sis, Hubby and Shyla enjoyed some time in the water.

Look at the pollution in Manila, I can't even see the buildings.  So sad. :(

Before going home Hubby made these shots with the giant fly (as in it's huge).

Here is the post event picture:  Another happy moment to cherish forever.  What a vacation for a day!

By the way, Cattleya Resort is located in Colaique, Sitio Ibabaw, Bo. San Roque, Antipolo City.  Just 30 minutes away from  Manila(depending on traffic).  Cattleya Resort, is an exciting venue for families, friends and companies. It is perfect for birthdays, homecomings, wedding receptions and team building activities.

For more information you may visit their website:
Like their FB page: Cattleya Resort
Or call (02)697-0769, (02)911-4341

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