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Join and Win Auto-Gard Premium Car Care Gift Packs

It has been two weeks since I've introduced to the brand through dinner at TGI Fridays in Glorietta along with fellow bloggers and Ms. Jen Rockwell of Roar Integrated Marketing Communications.  I won't forget that night of heavy rains!  Actually, I'm really having a hard time on how to post this article since I do not own a car.  So I think of a solution and that was to let my neighbor use and test this products! :)

Auto-Gard is one of the best known premium brands in car care here in the Philippines. Its products are significantly more affordable than other well known brands.  Auto-Gard’s line is also one of the most complete on the market. 

Auto-Gard kit
If you’re too busy to wash and wax your vehicle as often as you want to, you can use Auto-Gard’s Carnauba enriched Wash and Wax, and cut the time you need for washing and waxing by half.  If you have a new car, and you want to keep it sparkling, Auto-Gard’s Carnauba Car Wax and Carwash Shampoo make a perfect combination.  If you have an older car with a lot of scratches and imperfections, use Auto-Gard Color Glaze with Carnauba and Scratch Remover to smooth over the flaws and restore some of your car’s former glory.  Using Auto-Gard’s Chamois Cloth and sponge can save you a lot of time and energy, as well as help preserve your car’s finish.
Chamois Cloth
Auto-Gard makes products for other surfaces of your car as well, Auto-Gard Tire Black makes your tires look even better than new, and Auto-Gard Rain Repellant is so effective it almost eliminates the need for windshield wipers.  

Car Wash Shampoo
Auto-Gard Car Wash Shampoo is a product of intensive research, formulated to float away dirt and grime while leaving a lustrous water repellant finish on cars, vans or trucks.  Preserving your vehicle’s factory or custom paint job has never been easier.  Auto-Gard car wash shampoo gets rid of tough dirt and grease without the aid of time consuming scrubbing or brushing, leaving your finish untouched and protected after.

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Car Wash Shampoo                                100ml            P39.75
                                                                      250ml              59.75
                                                                      500ml              99.75
                                                                    1000ml            169.75 

Carnauba Car Wax
Carnauba is considered the queen of all waxes; it dries hard, lasts long, and requires just occasional buffing between waxes, which need only be done once every few months.  Auto-Gard Carnauba Car Wax is a revolutionary take on what is already a phenomenal car care product.  It that provides a brilliant long lasting shine to all car paint finishes. Auto-Gard carnauba car wax provides a deep glossy shine with unsurpassed protection to all clear coat and enamel paint finishes that last for months.

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Carnauba Car Wax                                   100ml              P59.75
                                                                      250ml              139.75
                                                                      500ml              249.75
Scratch Remover
Auto-Gard Scratch Remover is a great product for polishing out paint imperfections, and the inevitable occasional scratches all cars get along the way. This special formula is an excellent pre-cleaner before applying waxes. Just wipe on and buff out scratches and swirls. Also removes oxidized paint and restores color. Perfect for clearcoat and other paint finishes.

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Scratch Remover                                        100ml             P64.75
                                                                      250ml              154.75
                                                                      500ml              259.75
Paint Protector
Auto-Gard Paint Protector is the ultimate protection you can give to your car. A professional polymer-based sealant locks in a high gloss shine, while protecting the finish from harsh elements. Not intended for vinyl, wood, metalized plastic trim, or flat paint.

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Paint Protector                                          100ml             P109.75
                                                                      250ml              189.75
                                                                      500ml              369.75

Tire Black
Auto-Gard Tire Black that provides a long lasting non-oily, natural luster. This product is designed to revitalize, enhance and protect tires, rubber trim and vinyl. 

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Tire Black                                                    120ml               P64.75
                                                                      250ml              124.75
                                                                      500ml              249.75
Rain Repellent
Auto-Gard Rain Repellent is a windshield and window treatment that improves wet weather driving visibility.  Auto-Gard Rain Repellent disperses rain on contact, allowing you to see more clearly even without wipers, and when you see better, you drive safer. 

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Rain Repellent                                           100ml               P99.75
                                                                      250ml              179.75
Color Glaze
Auto-Gard Color Glaze is an advanced carnauba wax formula that contains colorants to hide scratches and swirls better.  Choose the Auto-Gard Color Glaze that closely matches the shade of your car and watch it invisibly blend in to enhance your car’s true color.  Available for red, black and silver paints.

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

Color Glaze-Red                                      100ml             P109.75
                                                                      250ml              189.75
                                                                      500ml              379.75

Color Glaze (Black/Silver)                         100ml             P99.75
                                                                      250ml             179.75
                                                                      500ml             369.75

Wash & Wax
Auto-Gard Wash & Wax is a Carnauba-enriched low sud super concentrate especially formulated to wash away dirt and shine as it cleans. No rubbing, no buffing. Safe for all car finishes. Give your car a brilliant shine after every car wash.

Product Name                                              Size              SRP

           Wash & Wax                                            100ml             P44.75
                                                                               250ml              64.75
                                                                               500ml             129.75
                                                                                                                         1000ml            179.75

Auto-Gard is available at all Ace hardware and Handyman outlets, at prices you are sure to find surprisingly affordable for premium US made products. 

Specially-packed Auto-Gard set is also available in Ace Hardware at Php 599.00. It's cheaper in contrast to buying each of the products separately.


Established in 1988, MILES & LEVELS PHILIPPINES, INC. A young and dynamic organization that specializes in the marketing of consumer and industrial products. Composed of highly skilled and innovative professionals, M&L has successfully acquired and developed an impressive line-up of brands which include SUN-GARD, AUTO-GUARD, KOMY, HIGH FIVE and HANNSTAPE.

They gave us samples of Auto-Gard's products to try on our car. And as I've said, I let my neighbor try it.

The good news is M&L is willing to sponsor a giveaway for you to experience their products.

10 (ten) lucky winners will receive 1 (one) Auto-Gard gift pack each-consists of:
  • Auto-Gard Car Wash Shampoo
  • Auto-Gard Premium Chamois
  • Auto-Gard Rain Repellant
  • Auto-Gard Carnauba Car Wax
Here's How:
  1. Use Rafflecopter below to enter the contest.
  2. Don't forget to leave a comment below
  3. Don't forget to read the Notice
  4. Winners will be announced here and will be notified via email.
  5. Winners will also be tagged in facebook via Black Sheep's Lair.
  6. Prizes will be delivered next to your doorsteps.
  7. Contest will run until August 15, 2012.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Notice: This contest is sponsored by Miles & Levels and Auto-Gard Premium Car Care Products.  This contest is open to Metro Manila residents only.  However, people residing in Bacoor, Imus and Dasma can enter the contest if they are willing to receive their prize(s) through meet up near the area.  

Good Luck!

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Cherry Saligao said...

cherry clemente saligao

Marlon Dojillo Guzman said...

Name: Marlon Guzman
Can't wait to win and try it myself.

Koko Tamura said...

I wash it as much as i can and make it smell good!

Leyo_garcia said...

leo rances garcia
i Spend time keeping it clean and clean-smelling without perfuming it, and i vacuum the carpet on a regular basis

Tara Cagadoc said...

Tara Cagadoc
Rain or shine, I wash and wax our car regularly. :)

Green Monday said...

ooh, how i wish we have a car to use this. thanks for linking up and hope to see you on next green monday.

Mon♥Jheng said...

@ Green Monday
Thank you for the comment....refer mo na alng sa friends mo

Lissa said...

Anna Lissa Ordaniel
hubby and I always make sure our car is clean inside and outside, we wash and clean it regularly.

Corrine Emata said...

As promised I will join your contest our 3 cars would surely benefit from this one. Just hope they added the auto-guard for old cars like the scratch remover and the color glaze we have 1 91' with its original paint and 93' with newly painted. hehehe!!! baka mabait sila so I can try it out.
corrine emata
singlemomsupermom at

Chatt Carlos said...

Charity Carlos
chatjazty22yahoo .com

Chatt Carlos said...

thanks for this giveaway Ms.Jhengpot =)

tweet this again

melanie abuel said...

Name: Melanie Abuel
email: ehmmjhey(at)yahoo(dot)com
Twitter share:
We take care of our car like the way we take care of our kids. We make sure it's safe in our parking area which is a few blocks from home. It's quite new so we make sure we apply the best car care goodies that will perfectly protect it's new paint. We don't let mud or dirt accumulate for long for we know it will leave a near permanent mark in our car paint that would rather cause scratch when removing or will not be removed at all. :(
For our car, we are surely looking for the best brands in the auto shop. We've been using Auto-gard chamois to wipe the wet surfaces of our car after our own car washing. :)

Mon♥Jheng said...

@melanie abuel

Thank you for joining....Good thing auto-gard has this product that will give your car an extra protection against scratch. :)

Wena Sotto said...

Name: Rowena Sotto Zaballa
email: rowenasotto at gmail dot com
Twitter share URL: Share: I am joining for my sister in law who own a van which we usually use on our out of town trips/family outing. washing it using the right cleaning materials like Auto-gard keeps the car clean. we also cover it with a sturdy car cover to protect it from scratches.

Mon♥Jheng said...

Thank you guys for Joining my giveaway! :)

'Till Next time :)

Wena Sotto said...

wow!!! thanks, Jheng!!!

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