Friday, March 2, 2012

My trip to Strip: Ministry of Waxing- My first time!

I finally did it!

Yes, you've heard it right.  This is my first waxing experience and to tell you honestly, I am a bit nervous.  I'm always asking the Striperella  (waxing specialist)  if it is painful, gosh (tiis ganda sabi nga nila) but she assured me that it is not and I can do it.

Ooops, let me correct what's on your mind.  It's not the Brazilian, I can't do it yet. What I've tried was the underarm waxing.

I was ushered into the treatment room by the staff after I registered at the counter. The treatment room has shelves, an IPL machine and of course the bed.

The Striperella (waxing specialist) was so knowledgeable. She made me calm and explained the products that she used and also explains each and every step that she would do.  The Striperella  (waxing specialist)  always wear latex gloves before working on you, for sanitation purposes.

The Strip Ministry used hot wax as my friend told me that it is better than the cold one.  They used chocolate on me, and I so love the fragrance, yummy!  The other flavor of the wax is strawberry.  By the way, they didn't double dip the spatula, it's a big  no! no!

The treatment was not that painful, actually there's no pain at all.  It takes only 10-15 minutes and my underarms were done waxing (uhuh, that fast).

After the treatment, I was told not to put any deodorant or whitening in my underarms for about 24 hours and to use body scrub after that 24 hours to exfoliate.

For the first timer like me, the best place to do waxing is at Strip: Ministry of Waxing!  Underarm waxing here cost P650.00

There are many benefits of waxing as compared to other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at one time unlike shaving which can cause razor burns or risk of cuts. With waxing, regrowth is softer and finer.

They also offer Brazilian/Boyzilian, whole leg, half leg and more.  If you're doing a Brazilian/Boyzilian for the first time, then Strip: Ministry of waxing is the best place I can suggest to you.

I really had a great time.  Actually, I'm thinking of coming back there.  I like the smooth feeling in my underarms!

 Thanks to Hot Young Designers for the experience.  The treatment took place at Greenbelt 5 last February 26, 2012.

Strip Ministry of Waxing
4/F Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City

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