Monday, January 21, 2013

Modern Coffee

If you are still making coffee in a percolator or with a drip coffee maker you are missing out on a better way to make coffee. An on demand brewer such as the K-Cup® coffee maker by Keurig® takes all the hassle out of making coffee and produces a great cup each and every time. K-Cup® coffee makers represent the next generation of coffee makers designed for both home and office use – they are incredibly practical, easy to use and produce great coffee for just pennies a cup.

Perhaps you’ve experienced an on demand coffee maker in a professional setting such as at a law office or car dealership – they were initially designed for such applications but it soon became obvious they were equally well suited for home use. Single serve brewers make one cup at a time, on demand. This means there is no coffee pot to clean or carafe to break.

On demand brewers do not require that you scoop and measure coffee or use a coffee filter – instead the coffee comes in individually sealed pods or packets. The coffee insert format varies by machine and they are not necessarily compatible from one brand to the next. Since each cup is brewed using a sealed insert it means the coffee will always be fresh and flavorful.

Waste is eliminated with an on demand coffee brewer – you will never again need to toss leftover coffee or drink the dregs from a pot that has been sitting for hours. Scorched and bitter coffee will become a distant memory since there is no warmer to overcook the coffee; because the water to coffee ratio is pre-set you are assured a consistently good cup of coffee each and every time.

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