Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ilo-Ilo trip 2013 Day 1

The holiday season is long overdue, but my mind is still on vacation.  That is why I'm too lazy to write a thing about the holiday season but I do love reading a lot nowadays. :)

To start again, I will share to you my experience in Dinagyang Festival 2013 and our food trips in Ilo-Ilo.   

This is day 1 to Ilo-Ilo:
Ilo-Ilo 2013

Taking pictures is a habit when having a trip.  So I will showcase you with a lot of pictures.
Ilo-Ilo 2013

Yey...I'm able to have a picture with the Ati-Atihan in the airport.

Upon our arrival in Ilo-Ilo, our host/boss took us to Cabugao Seafoods haus for an early lunch.  Hubby and our office mates feasts on sea foods, see here.

our family after the sumptuous lunch
After that, we checked in at SmallVille 21 Hotel inside SmallVille to rest for a while.

SmallVille 21

At night, after our heavy dinner (again) see here, we watched the fireworks display near Bourbon Street.


Then some of us mostly the boys joined the party at Republiq sponsored by Blackberry.


But us girls prepared the karaoke, so we visited the Club 21 Resto Bar and sing our heart out loud!
Club 21 Resto Bar

Will post more later, stay tune.

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