Sunday, November 18, 2012

NESCAFÉ Philippines Fans Day: Giving back the love to their 2 million fans

NESCAFÉ is top Facebook brand page in the Philippines
Nescafe Philippines has reached its milestone of 2 million Facebook fans last October 23. And to reciprocate their 2 million (and still counting) fans the love they've given the brand, they organized NESCAFÉ Philippines Fans Day held at SM MOA Music Hall last November 17 to share millions of memories together.

I am thankful that I am one of the lucky fans who got invited to witness the fun filled activities that day.

It was a whole day celebration packed with pocket events such as interactive video and photo booths, games, and variety shows to reward fans that have made the success of the brand possible. Merienda was also served, with the favorite Pinoy coffee sidekick - the pandesal, and other special NESCAFÉ treats. It is a day dedicated to entertain and bring enjoyment to the people.

The day won't be complete without the appearance of our favorite celebrities like Maey and Betong known as Survivor Philippines castaways who hosted the event from morning 'till 5PM.  You tube sensation and comedienne Petra Mahalimuyak, Frank Magalona who taught us the new Nescafe Dance Craze and Drew Arellano who's bathing with his sweat hosted the afternoon show.

Nescafe Fans Day
Drew Arellano
Drew and Petra Mahalimuyak
Frank Magalona doing Nescafe Dance Craze
Christophe Stern, Business Executive Manager, Nescafé Philippines and John Miller, CEO of Nescafe Philippines, thanked all the fans who supported them through a press conference held at Ebun restaurant.

John Miller and Christophe Stern at Ebun Restaurant
“We receive overwhelming support every day on Facebook. One post may get as many as a thousand likes and shares, and comments may reach up to the same level – we’re blown away. It is heartwarming to see people love and understand your product at almost the same level that you do, and through this event we say, ‘Thank you’,” says Mark Castillo, Consumer Marketing Manager of NESCAFÉ in the Philippines.

“This event is a testament that fans and brands go hand in hand in ensuring social media success. We listen, we care, we respond. Your fans will know if you are worthy of their attention, more so, their love, and we cannot be any happier that they gave us both,” says Christophe Stern, Business Executive Manager of NESCAFE in the Philippines.

The conference was ended with this statement from Christophe:
"Best way to start the day is to drink Nescafe coffee with coffee mate in the morning then Nescafe 3 in 1 in the afternoon and lastly, Nesacfe Decaf in the evening."

The afternoon party was started by Ryan Cayabyab singers who sang Nescafe's thank you song.

It was then followed by the awarding of Nescafe top fans who kept on interacting through the fan page.

The stage became hotter when Calla Lily stepped on the floor, whew Kean Cipriano!

Nescafe Fans Day

and became even hotter when 6 Cycle Minds sang Alapaap and Sandal.

Nescafe Fans Day

If you think that it's over, think again...coz Urbandub will make you rock!!!

Nescafe Fans Day

Of course, I won't go home without a picture on the giant mug with hubby.


Once again, Thank you Nescafe!

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