Friday, November 9, 2012

GMA News TV Channel 11 Freetime treats 2012

GMA News TV 11 is giving free massage and other treats here at PSEC Auditorium just for today until 6:00 pm.  Most of the employees, including us enjoyed those treats and freebies. :)

You have to register first before you can enter the auditorium and avail of free treats inside.  You will then be given an id pass.

GMA News TV programs who participated are Personalan with color coding roulette game, Ang Pinaka with question and answer game, Idol sa Kusina also a question and answer game but Chef Boy Logro gave those who are in line free taste of the foods he cooked (free lunch), Best Men with their 15 minutes half body massage treat, May Tamang Balita with their dare game (many danced with the tune of Oppa Gangnam Style), I don't dare.  There are also raffle stubs raffles which will be drawn later at 6:00 PM.

I enjoyed playing at Personalan's roulette and win this kikay kit. :)

Kikay kit like nail cutters and the like

There is also a photobooth where most of the people enjoyed. The Gardenia with their mamon and toasted bread, Nescafe 3in1 drinks.

Photo opt and a little chit chat with Chef Boy Logro of Idol sa Kusina every Sunday at 7:10 Pm.

If you have a chance, visit the Auditorium until 6:00 PM Today.


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