Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Month Incentive

After a month of those efforts to being early and punctual everyday, at last, I've got the fruit of thy labor:D

souvenir :D

How sweet it is to receive an incentive and at the same time assessing yourself for a change to never commit some late.

This is a part of disciplinary action and at the same time incentive given to us by our company that to earn a thousand bucks we have to finish a month without any late or at least a three strikes late.  Meaning it is allowed for us to have late of up to two strikes but if we commit the third one, no bonus at all.

A give and take part between the company and the employees.  Both will be benefited, the employees to have extra money at the same time practice their punctuality and the company to attain its goals and objectives as well as targets.

I am looking forward to get my second month.....I am working on it

How about you?.


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Wena said...

Kudos to your company's management team, Jheng. this kind of incentives and rewards system really is a good motivational factor for the employees.

I'm one guilty creature when it comes to punctuality.

jhengpot said...

heheheh...ako, nagbagong buhay na...sayang din kasi....

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