Monday, December 10, 2012

Casmara Stem Cell Facial by Diana Stalder: Secret Beyond the Surface

Among us women, face is one of the mos important body parts.  We sometimes spend a lot of money just to make sure we have a good look.  We'll do anything and everything just to stay beautiful or to be beautiful.  What if you have found the secret to skin's eternal youth?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel softness and smoothness in your skin as you marvel in its beauty and glow?

Diana Stalder, the pioneer in facial and skin care centers in the Philippines, lets you in on this amazing anti-aging secret with the Casmara Stem cell Facial.  I heard that nowadays, stem cell is one of the most used therapy to achieve youthful glow.

The Casmara Stem Cell Facial is an intelligent, self-rejuvenating, anti-aging treatment that stimulates the skin's stem cells.  Our stem cells hold a powerful secret and that is the ability to independently restore and protect our skin to keep it looking young and beautiful.  But as we age, this ability slowly diminishes leading to skin deterioration.

Good thing that Diana Stalder unleashed the scientific promise of its breakthrough ingredients, the Casmara Stem Cell facial that awakens our skin cells by providing essential energy that improves the function of the stem cells.  It is also the first of its kind treatment that acts differently by day and night.  One of its most potent ingredients is Chondricare, an intelligent protein which protects the skin's stem cells from harmful free radicals by day and increases the stem cell's energetic reserves by night.

The Casmara Stem Cell Facial is perfect for any skin type.  It's time for you to experience it.  Visit your nearest Diana Stalder branch today and see a younger and better you just like Yayo Aguila, the Ambassador for youthfulness that transcends beyond time.

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