Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why September is mostly used in songs?

If you're familiar with music and or a music enthusiast, you probably wonder why most of the singers mention the month of September in their songs.  Examples are : "Wake Me Up When September Ends," "September Gurls," "September Song," "Seven Days In September," "September Morn," "September Baby," "Pale September," or simply, "September," not to mention other songs that mention September on their lyrics.

September is also the most mentioned month in all of the songs of Frank Sinatra.

So why September? No one really knows. But I think, September marks the end of summer and beginning of fall/autumn, as well as the start of classes in other continents like America.

Also, September is originally the seventh month of the year.  The original Roman calendar that our modern calendar is based on was 304 days long and contained only 10 months. The final six months (Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December) were derived from the Latin words for the numbers 5-10! Quintilis and Sextilis would later become known as July and August, but their namesakes, Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar weren't born yet.

During the reign of Numa Pompilus, the emperor chose to add the months of January and February to the beginning of the calendar, thus making the calendar 355 days long. In doing so, however, he made the names of the final months misnomers!

Here are the origins of the months of the year:

 JANUARY: Janus (Roman god of gates, doorways, beginnings and endings)

 FEBRUARY: Februus (Etruscan god of death) Februarius (mensis) (Latin for "month of purification (rituals)" it is said to be a Sabine word, the last month of ancient pre-450 BC Roman calendar). It is related to fever.

 MARCH: Mars (Roman god of war)

 APRIL: "Modern scholars associate the name with an ancient root meaning 'other', i.e the second month of a year beginning in March."

 MAY: Maia Maiestas (Roman goddess)

 JUNE: Juno (Roman goddess, wife of Jupiter)

JULY: Julius Caesar (Roman dictator) (month was formerly named Quintilis, the fifth month of the calendar of Romulus)

 AUGUST: Augustus (first Roman emperor) (month was formerly named Sextilis, the sixth month of Romulus)

SEPTEMBER: Septem (Latin for seven, the seventh month of Romulus)

OCTOBER: Octo (Latin for eight, the eighth month of Romulus)

NOVEMBER: Novem (Latin for nine, the ninth month of Romulus)

DECEMBER: Decem (Latin for ten, the tenth month of Romulus)

Do you have your own opinion why September is mostly used in songs? Share with us on the comments below.

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