Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Preserve Mankind with Kojie.san Men

The virtue of being a man in ancient time is very important.  They defined men by their hunting skills, battles won and wisdom.  Most men that time have rugged look and for me it's untidy :D.  They also regard men as the leader of the pack, village or tribe as well as their protector.

Nowadays, when you say manly, people always think of  guys with perfect body, meaning with six pack abs, triceps etc.  But for me, masculinity is not measure by those things or even with his stature in life.  I believe that "real men love and respect women and children."  Though the main role of men is to provide but it doesn't give them the passes to hit women.  Also, real men don't kiss and tell, they should know how to keep secrets and privacy.  I also believe that man without sense of responsibility is gay!  I have nothing against gays coz most of the times they can be considered as real man than real man.

I will just quote this one from Gloc-9 song, Sirena:
Di sinusukat ang tapang at ang bigote sa mukha 
Dahil kung minsan mas lalake pa sa lalake ang bakla

Guys don't usually groom themselves e.g having their own soap, lotion, toner, fragrance and even using face powder, but I think there is nothing wrong if they do that. The society now accepts men who wanted to improve their own looks. I like neat-looking guy and of course with charming smell, hmnn!

So to preserve the concept of manliness in this modern days men should accept the changes.  Learn how to respect women, children and elderly.  Be responsible enough and accept your own mistake.  There is nothing wrong to say sorry and shed some tears, it's just normal coz you're also human.  

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Kojie.san's mission - to preserve mankind, it must be defended against what seeks to erode and weaken it.   Aside from providing men-worthy content, Kojie.san preserves and defend mankind by promoting the appropriate and effective hygiene and grooming products specifically developed to enhance and boost manliness.

Excited to watch Taken 2 with the man of my life.....:)

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