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Visitors from Philippine National Red Cross

Just today, a friend from Philippine National Red Cross, Pasig Pateros Branch Rizal Chapter, visited our office headed by Mr. Von Ryan Ong, the Branch Administrator and Ms. Cheka Lontabo the Community Health Nurse, to enlighten us about the insurance policy we availed.

Yes, Red Cross, through its partner the Prudential Guarantee is now offering an insurance policy to its donors/sponsors.  And I think it's very beneficial to us in emergency cases.
Ms. Cheka and Mr. Von Ryan of Rizal Chapter
Who can be a Red Cross Member?  Individuals aged 6-65 years old (students, out-of-school youths, employees, utility workers, etc.)

How does one become a Red Cross Member? Just register at any Red Cross Chapter nationwide and contribute an annual membership fee of P50.00, P120.00, P300.00, P350.00, P500.00 or P1,000.00 depending on your choice of membership category.

There are 3 types of membership, and they are as follows:

   1. Classic Membership- this type aims to continue a dynamic generation of young blood in revitalizing the organization in serving the most vulnerable.  Open to all students and youth aged 6-25 years old.  Fee is Php 50.00
  • Accidental Death, Disablement, Dismembermet                       Php 12,000.00            
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault                                                   12,000.00                  
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement                                                  5,000.00                     
  • Burial Benefit (as a result of accident)                                               5,000.00                       
  • Daily Hospital Allowance (max of 60 days)                             150.00 per day          
    2.   Premiere Membership (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)- this type is to get commitment from individuals who believe in building a proactive membership movement with the Red Cross.  This further encourages community members to be socially responsible. Open to ages 6-65 years old. Fee are as follows: Bronze Php120.00, Silver Php 300.00
                                                                                                    Bronze                         Silver
  • Accidental Death, Disablement, Dismembermet          Php 35,000.00            Php 100,000.00
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault                                      35,000.00                   100,000.00
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement                                     5,000.00                     10,000.00
  • Burial Benefit (as a result of accident)                                  5,000.00                       5,000.00
  • Daily Hospital Allowance (max of 60 days)                 150.00 per day            200.00 per day

We availed these memberships:  for Premiere Gold-P500.00 and for Premiere Platinum- P1,000.00.

The cardholder whose name appears herein is a bonafide member of the Philippine National Red Cross and entitled, as the case may be, to the following benefits:
                                                                                                       Gold                              Platinum
  • Accidental Death, Disablement, Dismembermet        Php 200,000.00         Php 300,000.00
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault                                    200,000.00                300,000.00
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement                                   10,000.00                  10,000.00
  • Burial Benefit (as a result of accident)                                  5,000.00                    5,000.00
  • Daily Hospital Allowance (max of 60 days)                 200.00 per day         200.00 per day
   3.  Senior and Senior Plus Membership- Open to ages 66-85 years old.  Fee is Php 300.00.  Benefits include issuance of Senior ID and
  • Accidental Death, Disablement, Dismembermet                  Php 50,000.00            
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault                                              50,000.00                  
  • Accidental Medical Reimbursement                                             5,000.00                     
  • Burial Benefit (as a result of accident)                                          5,000.00                       
  • Daily Hospital Allowance (max of 60 days)                        100.00 per day             
***The above fee is for Senior ages 66-80.  For the Senior plus ages 81-85 years old the fee is Php 350.00 with the same benefits as the Seniors ages 66-80.

Aside from the Insurance Policy, they also conducted a blood typing to us amounting to Php 60.00/person.  I've learned lot of things like how will I know/identify the blood type of a person.  They teach me how....:)

Below are the liquid tester they mix to our blood sample to identify what is our blood type.  The Blue one is for the blood type A, the yellow one is for blood type B.

This one is the RH totem to identify if you have a positive (+) or negative (-) blood type.

Let the test begin.  I will provide you pictures with different blood type starting from type A.

Type B

and the type O

Can you see the difference?  The blood type will be identified once you put a drop of the three liquids totem to the blood samples.  Once your blood react to the blue color you're Type A, if in Yellow then you're Type B.  If there's no reaction to both then you're Type O.  The RH totem will identify if you're a (+) or (-).  And according to them only 1% of the Filipinos' have a negative (-) type of blood.  That means we are all positive. :D

IMPORTANT:  Use only disposable needles to avoid transfer of diseases.

They gave us cards according to blood type. Blue for type A, Yellow for type B, White for type O and Pink for the type AB, which is the very rare type of blood.

type A
type B
type O
FYI...I've asked them how to know the blood type of our child to be and they give me this combination.  If the parents' blood type are B and B, their children may possibly have blood type O or B.  If type A and O, their children will possibly have blood type A or B  and so fort. :)  Since my blood type is O and hubby is B, our offsprings may possibly have type O and or type B blood.

If both have blood type A, offsprings may have blood type A, AB and or B.

Another info, they also said that you can detect if a person has a blood infection thru CBC.  The higher the white bloodcells' count, the higher the possibility of that person to have a blood infection.  Coz white blood cells are our bodies soldier, they increase in number once we are infected.

I've learned a lot today....Hope to learn more!

Philiipine National Red Cross
Pasig-Pateros Branch, Rizal Chapter
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Email Address: prcpasigpaterosbranch@yahoo.com

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this is nice.  i want to be a member, too.

Jessie said...

 Wow... this is something I want to be a part of, too! My off days are
during the weekends, may I find a chance to register even with my
working schedule.

I learned something new - I don't know kasi if I am - or +,  so now I know I am B+. :)

Jhengpot said...

you can be a member..kayang kaya ng budget :)

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omg i wanna be a member of red cross. im a gordon fan din kasi as well :) hope i could register one of these days!

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