Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Products Launched @ Bloggers Night 2011

This is my first time to attend a tech-related event.  And I'm excited!  In fact, I arrived early at the venue (Astoria Plaza).  The event was exclusive only for bloggers, which according to them is their new market or let's say new medium to spread their products online.  Brands like Asus, JBL!, Archos, Cool Master, Kingston, ATI, BenQ, Sandisk and more were displayed all around the Tribecca Function Room.

Asus new breed of Motherboards for gaming


JBL's newest docking station

Power Color-gaming cards

Sandisk with its memory vault.  Storage that will last for a 100 years

Asus' Eee Transformer tablet

BenQ's latest Led monitor for gaming enthusiast

and the star of the night: Archos Gen9 tablet.

After our sumptuous dinner (love the foods), Ms. Abby of Ion Tech hosted the event.

Each Product Manager presented their new product line, starting with the hottest brand, Archos Gen9 tablet (hope to have one on my birthday this coming January :D).  The product was presented by Mr. Jelo Mendoza.

Then the Asus Eee Transformer tab by Mr. Jeffrey Mariano

Sandisk with Mr. Peter Villarosa...durable memory card. Can resist water, dust etc.

JBL! with Mr. Alexander Bonilla

and then the raffle of items from them: Archos gave a 7.0 Tab, Asus gave 10 mouse(:D),  Sandisk gave the 8 and 16g memory vault and JBL gave!

Mr. Joey Nocum for Asus Motherboard

Power Color was also introduced by Mr. Peter Villarosa of Sandisk

and Mr. Macky Lambino for BenQ.

After their presentation was the second set of raffle. Asus gave, motherboards, Power color, gave one of their cooling device and BenQ gave one Led monitor! congrats to all the winners.  Oh, Krazers and Kingston/ATi also gave raffle items though their PM's were out of the country. :)  Sad to say, I won nothing....malas sa raffles :)

Thanks to Iontech for that great and informative night and also to Sir Vincent Haoson.

I'll post my review separately:).  Stay tuned.

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