Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week na: Vacation Time!

So hot, really hot outside!  Indication that summer time is now approaching.  What are you thinking, hmnnn?  Beaches, yey!  Swimming time. Out of towns? Where to?

Well this week is Holy Week, vacation time for an employee like me.  Where to go?
Boracay? Wow, white sands....lovely beaches....beautiful sunset..

Palawan? Island hopping!

Or in Bicol? Hmnnn... Mayon Volcano!

Wherever it is, Let's enjoy our long vacation and of course to my Catholic friends and relatives and to all Catholics out there, don't forget the meaning of the Lenten Season that you are celebrating..

Keep you updated.....

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Anonymous said...

nice place...

Black Sheep said...

alin dito ang nice place? :D

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